Abstract Information

Thank you for your interest in presenting at GESSS-NSW 2019! To help you prepare an Abstract for your submission, we have prepared the following guide:

  1. Justification: Start your Abstract with 1-2 sentences justifying why you researched a particular topic, and what is significant about it. This justification need not be long, it is just important to provide a context and purpose for your research.

  2. Methods and Results: The next 4-8 sentences should identify the methods you applied, and what the results of your analyses are.

  3. Conclusion: Finish with 1-2 sentences summarizing what you have learned from your research, highlighting any significant or wider reaching implications.

As a symposium showcasing work from across the Earth Sciences, we encourage submissions to be mindful of a cross-disciplinary audience when communicating their work.

Information regarding the acceptance of your abstract will be provided in early October.


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